Mountain Prayer

In 2016 we were given the scripture Haggai 1:8 “Then go up into the mountains, bring down timber, and rebuild my Temple, and I will be pleased with it and appear there in my glory,” says the Lord.
Literally, Haggai was giving the returning exiles a message to get on with rebuilding the Temple after they had been delayed by both local opposition, and their desire to put their own needs first. For us, we understand this as a call to go to God in prayer (the mountain) for all our needs (bring down timber) practical, physical and spiritual.
From this, we began to explore this idea of ‘mountain prayer’. Currently, this is an occasional meeting where we meet specifically to listen to God, without an agenda, besides getting to know Him better and to understand His will for us. We want to:
•             Give space and time to listen to God
•             Deepen our relationship with him
•             Pray together and spend time in God's presence, deepening our relationships with one another.
We are totally dependent on him for the form and content of the meeting and make ourselves available to him to fulfil his purposes and not our own. God is in charge of these meetings not us!