Reaching out to the women of OBC and the wider community.

Our aim is to bring women of all ages and backgrounds together by:-
  R - building strong RELATIONSHIPS
  EENCOURAGING one another in our faith journeys and encouraging others to step out on
  A- being ACCOUNTABLE to one another to keep us on track 
  C - using and developing our CREATIVE side 
  H-  sharing with others the HOPE we have in Jesus Christ

And last but by no means least, making sure everything we do is seasoned with fun and laughter ! 

We have a varied programme over the year which can include such things as meeting up for breakfast, movie nights, craft events, visiting speakers, retreat days, book group etc  ..... and anything else we think women would enjoy and benefit from.

We have no set dates, but the REACHteam organise 4 events a year along with encouraging women to meet up in between to grow and cement relationships. 

For further information, please contact any of the Women’s Ministry Team: Sue Bamber, Hannah Dodson, Madeleine Gilbert, Lorraine Harper, Helen Wells or email